Olga FotinichI've told a lot about myself in my book "Legkij Khleb Ameriki" (so far only in Russian) - actually, about my american life. As for my previous years - I hope I'll do it later.

I was born in Moscow during the war. For people from Russia, even more from former USSR, it is clear from the very beginning - what war, and how I'm old. As for Americans - it's another story. Once Vic, my manager at my first job, told me: "Olga, why do you never tell us about yourself?" And at that time I replied willingly: "I was born long ago, very long ago... It was during the war." "War? - Vic asked with surprise, - What war?"

It was never a question for us - "what war"...

For now - about my ancestors, only the beginning drafts. You know, I realized only recently that all my roots are in Belorussia and partly in Poland. All my life in Russia I lived in Moscow.

Nikolaj Zmorovich, my grand-grand-grand-gradnfather. He was a priest in the church in Zagalie, Belorussia
Kirill Podolskij - my grand-grandfather, who was Nikolaj's son-in-law.

Iosef Taranovich, grand-grand-grandfather from my another grandmother.

Vassilij Kharlampovidh, grand-grandfather, was a priest in a village Rogache, in Poland. The church is still there as well as Vassiliy's grave nearby. But where is this village, I still don't know, I couldn't locate it on the map. Only hints, that it is not far from Volchin in Belorus.

And additionaly;

Marjina Gorka Minskoj oblasti, where my mother - Zoya Mitskevich - was born.Map

Railway station Telusha, where my grand-grandmother Elizaveta Podolskaja worked as a teacher and my grand-grandfather Mina Prazdnichnyj was a director.

Village Turki, where Elizaweta worked as a teacher as well, and where my grandmother (from my mother side) was born.

And, of course, Nikolaevshina, my grandfather Adam Mitskevich birthplace. He was a close relative of famour Belorussian poet Jakub Kolas (Konstantin Mikhajlovich Mitskevich)

Also villages Prokhody and Volchyn - places related to my grandfather from father's - Vsevolod Ivanovich Feodosiev - side

To be continued





Николай Зморович
Nikolaj Zmorovich
Кирилл Подольский
Kirill Podolskiy
Василий Харлампович
Vassiliy Kharlampovich